SNAP© is an award winning, evidence based manualized cognitive behavioural strategythat was developed at the Child Development Institute in Toronto, Ontario over 30 yearsago. Children ages 6-12 participate in a 13 week structured group that teachesself-control and problem solving skills. We challenge the child’s cognitive distortions thatresult in anti-social behaviour, and encourage an alternative response that results in apositive outcome. By helping children to deal with their anger and manage their emotions,they are able to learn to stop and think before they act, and deal with difficult situations.This makes problems smaller, rather than larger in the child’s mind.SNAP© provides groups for the parents and the siblings of clients. This helps build trustbetween the SNAP© staff, the family, and the child. This consists of ongoing,outcome-oriented counselling related to implementing SNAP© strategies andindividual issues.

What to expect


Children who benefit most from the SNAP© program are boys and girls ages 6-11 thatare experiencing serious behavioural problems at home, at school, or with people ofauthority. Some presenting problems include difficult family relationships, physicallyaggressive behaviour, angry outbursts, verbally aggressive or defiant behaviour, lack ofself-control and problem solving skills, difficulty making and maintaining healthyrelationships, stealing, bullying, or vandalizing or damaging property. Referrals forthe SNAP© program typically come from parents/guardians, schools, family doctors,community health care practitioners, child welfare, police, or mental health providers.Our primary goal is to keep children and youth in school, and out of trouble