Brant SNAP® is a 13 week program for boys and girls ages 6-11 who are engaging in aggressive, anti-social behaviour and/or have come into contact with authority figures at school or in the community.

The Brant SNAP® Program Includes:

SNAP Boys/SNAP® Girls Groups

Boys and girls attend gender-specific weekly group sessions for 13 weeks. They learn how to use SNAP®> in different situations through activities, including discussions, role-playing and interactive games. A variety of topics, including dealing with angry thoughts and feelings, self-control, problem-solving and bullying are addressed.

SNAP© Parenting Group

The parent group meets at the same times as SNAP® Boys/SNAP® Girls groups. Parents learn effective child management and SNAP® strategies. The group also provides parents with an opportunity to make connections with other parents facing similar challenges.

Individual Child Counselling/Mentoring and Community Connections

Individual counselling/mentoring with a SNAP® staff or volunteers provides children with individualized support to enhance the skills learned in the SNAP® groups and to continued work on their goals.

School Advocacy/Teacher Support

Program staff help families ensure their children receive the help and support needed at school.

SNAP Parenting: Family Counselling

Ongoing, outcome-oriented counselling related to implementing SNAP® strategies and individual issues is offered to parents and/or families.

Long Term Connections/Continued Care

Families may continue to be involved in program components as long as there is a need and interest. In addition, parents and youth may participate as Peer or Parent Mentors.

Getting Started


While parents and guardians usually contact SNAP® directly, referrals can be made by: schools, family doctors, community health practitioners. police, child welfare, mental health providers. =

Who is eligible?

Residents of Brantford and Brant County ages 6-11 and their families.Referrals can be made by calling: Contact Brant at: 519-758- 8228

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